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Since 2008 the Kazim Trust (KT) has provided free of cost support to hundreds of children with ADHD and Dyslexia in Pakistan’s largest city Karachi.With progress in the scientific and medical fields, these learning differences are now recognized as manageable conditions that should not hinder the academic, social and psychological development of a child. Through its work KT has helped unlock the true potential of countless children.



An in-depth interview with the child, parents as well as teachers (if necessary) is done in order to create a comprehensive social, psychological, emotional and academic profile of that child and their family .In addition, we also administer a panel of screening tests and self-assessment tools to identify ADHD or Dyslexia symptoms of the child.

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KT workshops cover effective ways of finding ADHD & Dyslexic Kids and then resolution of these kids by treating them properly and effectively.

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Our Camps

Winter and Summer Camps aim to improve kids , skills in an interactive and student-oriented approach. The Camps are specifically designed for ADHD and Dyslexic kids.

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Kazim Trust Internship Program is a comprehensive transition program with certification on an initial learning about ADHD and Dyslexia. Young adults get in hands knowledge about different aspects related to subject matter and utilize their abilities in future.

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