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Sherbanoo Haji Mian (1908-1968)

Haji Mian was born in 1905 and married Sherbanoo in 1923. They had two children named Roshan and Anwar. At the age of 29, Haji Mian tragically died from typhoid leaving behind a 27-year-old widow, an eight-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son. At the same time, due to several untimely deaths in the family, the family fortunes had dwindled drastically.

Sherbanoo being the pragmatic leader that she was, took charge of her two young children with the help of her brother Rajab Ali P. Ebrahim (who later became a great source of inspiration to the family).  To keep the family united and to provide her children with the right education, she decided to move to Deolali, an educational and health center of India in 1936.

While continuing her responsibilities as a mother and matriarch of the family, she devoted herself on a full-time basis to social welfare projects. In 1943, she immigrated to Bombay and continued to work honorarily in a girls orphanage. After encouraging her son to migrate to Pakistan in 1947 and following him shortly, she built Sherbanoo Bagh in 1956 with the help of the Habib Family. Sherbanoo Bagh is one of the most outstanding social welfare projects in the community even today. The main purpose of the project was to provide shelter to members of the community that had migrated from India and were homeless. She also helped the children of these families gain admission into the Habib Boys and Girl’s Schools and find jobs in various organizations.

Sherbanoo died peacefully in 1968 at the age of 60. Her last wish was that her eyes should be donated to the blind, her wish was executed by her family. She was able to help two individuals recover their sight. She continues to be a beacon of light and a guiding spirit for future generations in the family.


The spirit of philanthropy of Kazim’s paternal grandmother, the late Mrs. Sherbanoo Haji Mia was the inspiration for him to form the Kazim Trust.

Main entrance of Sherbanoo Bagh.

Internal compound view of Sherbanoo Bagh.





Sherbanoo in Beirut-Lebanon at a family dinner, two days before her demise (Kazim sitting at the right side -Circa 1968).

Kazim with Sherbanoo in HongKong at the Tiger Balm Gardens (Circa 1964).

 Sherbanoo with her grandkids; (from the right)Zehra, Dilshad, Kazim, Shabbir and Batul (Circa 1958).

Sherbanoo giving an award to a social worker.

Sherbanoo in a family wedding with (late) Lady Fatima Jinnah.