Hello Test Awareness About Children With ADHD and LD | Kazim Trust


Kazim Trust encourages children and adults with ADHD & LD not to simply follow traditional academic paths but to pursue other mediums and creative avenues such as sports, music, and entrepreneurship.


We at Kazim Trust encourage children to follow their ‘hearts as well as their minds’ to realize their full potential.


Our mission at Kazim Trust is to therefore build a community in which children and adults with ADHD and learning difficulties possess the academic, social and emotional skills that would enable them to succeed in all spheres of their lives.



Kazim Trust is dedicated to creating awareness about children with ADHD and learning difficulties in Pakistan and to help educators and parents improve the lives of these children.


By creating this awareness through our advanced screening and assessment methods, Teacher and Parent workshops, or private consultations we aim to create an environment at home and school for these children which fosters a high level of acceptability and support for them.


We feel this unlocks the true potential of these children to help them succeed in any endeavors they may undertake.