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Kid Camps

We organize several camps at Kazim Trust throughout the year for children with such difficulties to promote cooperative learning, facilitate their social interaction and other skills and to allow the to engage with the team in a fun and interactive way. In such groups children find social and emotional support for one another and they develop insight and self-confidence.


  • Interactive group classes (with a maximum of 6 kids)
  • Fun and effective practical exercises
  • Personalized classes with our team members
  • Afternoon and evening education related activities


Our Kid Camps run from a single week up to four weeks to work around school timings and other commitments.
All participants at our Kid Camps get a certificate upon completion.


“I went to camp expecting to make friends but I ended up with family”
“That’s the magic of camp. It gets a hold of your heart and never let’s go” – Anonymous


Please submit the form on this page for registration or more information on our Kid Camps.


We provide a range of screening tests and self-assessment tools to identify ADHD or learning disabilities symptoms in children.


We conduct many Kid Camps during the year at Kazim Trust to get children with ADHD or learning difficulties to come together.


With the help of this therapy we seek to identify learned unhealthy behaviors and help them change through the same learning strategies.


Our services include regular workshops for parents of ADHD or Learning Disabilities. Children in conjunction with teachers.