Services for clients from GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region

At Kazim Trust, we believe ADHD, LD and ASD are gifts and that they should never hinder the academic, social and psychological development of any child / adult who suffers with these conditions. Some of the services we are providing to our clients from GCC region are as follow.


  • Online Intake
  • Online Screening
  • Online Parental Counseling
  • Online Psychological sessions
  • Online Remediation sessions
  • Online Speech session


Using various therapies we seek to identify and modify the individual’s learnt behaviors, academics and speech modification.


Please submit the form on this page for registration or more information on the various therapies that we offer.


We provide a range of screening tests and self-assessment tools to identify ADHD or learning disabilities symptoms in children.


We conduct many Kid Camps during the year at Kazim Trust to get children with ADHD or learning difficulties to come together.


With the help of this therapy we seek to identify learned unhealthy behaviors and help them change through the same learning strategies.


Our services include regular workshops for parents of ADHD or Learning Disabilities. Children in conjunction with teachers.