Hello Test Success Stories | Kazim Trust

To highlight some of the positive impacts of our Trust we have selected a few below and hope that these will inspire more parents and educators to reach out to us. We look forward to your visit at Kazim Trust.


An Inspirational Story


Subha was just 7 years old when she arrived at Kazim Trust back in March 2014.
She was experiencing severe reading, writing, and spelling challenges and also found it very difficult to focus on a task for a prolonged period.


At the start of her time with Kazim Trust, Subha would not want to join the sessions with our staff but after a short period of time with some mentoring and guidance, she adjusted well with our team.As we got to know her better, we discovered that Subha was struggling extremely hard to cope with the growing pressure of academic and social life at her local school.


Today Subha completes almost two years at Kazim Trust and we are proud to that she has has made remarkable progress as her spelling skills have improved and she is much more confident with her speech.
Even though there are still areas for improvement, Subha with the help of the dedicated staff at KT is seen to try harder and is more self-motivated and also has started writing as well.


Subha’s mother has been very satisfied to see the progress of her daughter,


“It has been a great experience with Kazim Trust for the last two years. I’ve seen a lot of change in my daughter’s behavior. She’s now overcoming her learning and reading issues. The team at Kazim Trust guides us on various aspects of her personality. The psychologist and remedial therapist who are working with Subha are both wonderful people and have helped her come a long way. Thanks to their guidance, my life is easier and stress-free. I can now handle my child in a much better way and I can see a very bright future for her. Subha is a changed girl now and I am very thankful to everyone.”


Subha recently scored an ‘A’ grade in her exams. The Kazim Trust team are extremely proud of her achievements and we will continue to monitor her progress.


Gaining Control


Yusra is a young girl of only 10 years of age and at present is diagnosed with child ADHD.
Even as a younger child she was always reluctant to engage in academic tasks such as reading or writing.


She used to behave aggressively and therefore it was challenging and frustrating for her family to manage her. She also suffered from incontinence at night which is very demoralizing for a child.


Yusra even had trouble making eye contact and struggled with interacting with others. She also displayed high levels of anxiety and there were many occurrences of lack of self-control. She also did not take care of her belongings and found it difficult to respond to verbal instructions.

Yusra joined Kazim Trust in April 2016 and with advanced counselling by our team we are proud to say that rapid improvements were seen right away.


As a result of her self-confidence being restored her nighttime incontinence was more in control and her frequent biting of nails had also become less frequent. Her academic skills also improved dramatically and overall she is now a much happier and productive child. She is now always willing to read and write and we discovered that she is very fond of arts and crafts.
Her mother was a bit anxious and hesitant when Yusra joined the Kazim Trust but is now very satisfied and feels that she too has been better educated about her daughter.


This knowledge and skill set she acquired at Kazim Trust now allows her now to take part in the development of Yusra and gives her the satisfaction of seeing her improve and progress on a daily basis.


The team at Kazim Trust feel there is yet more improvement in store for Yusra and we will continue to work with her and monitor her progress.


Increasing Self Esteem


Aisha was 10 years old when she came for treatment to Kazim trust. She attended behavioral counseling and therapy sessions for about 5 months. When she first got here, she could not be left alone and was very dependent on others. She showed a lot of aggression and was quite disorganized. She was unable to take care of herself and relied completely on her mother for most things.


As well as being restless and quite talkative, Aisha was also unable to control herself and would involuntarily move around and fidget a lot. She used to get very frustrated by school and grew impatient and uninterested in schoolwork.


While her behavioral issues were affecting her academics, she did not have any problems with reading or writing. So her customized treatment plan employed the use of impression management and token economy, which is a basic reward scheme, to resolve her behavior issues.


Her therapist and her parents worked together to use personal motivators to teach her the consequences of her actions. She was introduced to a consistent and constant lifestyle, including her behavior, the rules she was assigned and the parenting conditions.


She was given a daily schedule of activities, which balanced her fun time and work time. Through a brief usage of art therapy and play therapy she was able to develop her social skills, grow more independent and manage her anger better.


Currently, she is still slightly disorganized but has shown great improvement in her ability to exercise self-control. Through the use of various coping mechanisms she is able to control herself and avoid things that cause her frustration. Her academics have seen improvement as a result of her better and organized lifestyle.


Confidence Building


Mariam, one of our current students, started her therapy session in 2015. She was 11 years old with an academic age of 4 years old when she was taken up at Kazim Trust. She was unable to meet the grade level reading, writing and math requirements at her school and had to repeat her grade multiple times before getting promoted.


Her parents had taken her out of school when she was referred to Kazim Trust. Besides lagging behind in academics, she also suffered from low self-esteem and was not able to keep up with her own age appropriate level of education or socialization. Mariam had no sense of time management and was unable to effectively complete her exams.


Even after studying for them she would wake up in the morning claiming to forget all the work content and would get very stressed about it. She would make excuse in order to avoid taking the exam. She lacked motivation to carry out the simplest tasks assigned to her. She had no self-confidence and relied on everyone else to tell her what to do.


After a year of therapy and counseling, she was able to get back into school. She was more confident academically and socially and grew to be quite independent as well. Not only was she able to express emotion and take part in group based discussions, she was also able to read and comprehend things at a slow pace, but all on her own.


Her teachers assigned her certain responsibilities that she was able to take on easily and could be left in charge of other younger kids as well. Her teachers stated that she showed great leadership skills after her continued therapy sessions.


She is now 13 years old and is back in school. She was re-enrolled on the same grade level as she had dropped out at but her reading and math skills are currently meeting the grade level expectations.

Mohtashim Motiwala

Commendable Progress


Mohtashim Motiwala, son of Akhtar Hussain Motiwala has been associated with Kazim Trust for the past two years. As a child, Mohatashim was aggressive and did not like to socialize. He was extremely hyperactive. He had a problem understanding emotions and showing his own emotions. Also, he had been struggling in his academics and relationship; could not communicate effectively. Consequently, had difficulty in having a healthy relationship with his siblings. As such, he did not have any friends, because he did not mingle with people. He had no understanding of the consequences his behaviour would cause. As a teenager, life was getting tougher for him.


When Mohtashim was brought to Kazim Trust two years ago, he must have been 13 years old. Our therapists observed him and evaluated him for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He struggled with the various symptoms and functional impairments that a child would with ADHD. He could hardly focus on anything. He was extremely fidgety and was easily distracted.


After relentless service provided by the therapists at Kazim Trust, a gradual change was observed in Mohtashim’s behaviour. He started coming out of his shell. The frustration and aggression seen earlier were because of his lack of understanding of his behaviour. The intense behaviour therapies given to him changed his life for good. He became more focused and was able to manage his shortcomings. Now he knows well, there is no way out but to try and live a normal life. The team at Kazim Trust never gave up on him.


Mohtashim started getting good grades and was accomplishing his goals in his academics. As a result of the persistence of his therapists, he developed ability of accepting challenges. All this brought him success; now he is a student of the first year (commerce). He is more confident because of his improved academic results. His developing skills show that he is going to go places.