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What is a Learning Disability (LD)

Learning disabilities are neurologically-based processing problems. These processing problems can interfere with learning basic skills such as reading, writing and math.  It can also interfere with higher level skills such as organization, time management, abstract reasoning, long / short term memory and attention.

It is important to realise that learning disabilities can affect a child’s life beyond the classroom and can also negatively impact relationships with family and friends.


A specific learning disability that affects a person’s ability to understand numbers and learn math facts. Individuals with this type of LD may also have poor comprehension of mathematical symbols, may struggle with memorising and organising numbers, have difficulty telling time or even have trouble with basic counting.


A specific learning disability that affects a person’s handwriting and fine motor skills. Problems may include illegible handwriting, inconsistent spacing, poor spatial planning on paper, poor spelling, and difficulty composing writing as well as the inability to think and write at the same time.


A specific learning disability that affects reading and related language-based processing skills. The severity can differ in each individual but can affect reading fluency, decoding, reading comprehension and recalling information.
Writing, spelling, and sometimes speech issues and can co-exist along with these symptoms. Dyslexia is sometimes referred to as a Language-based learning disability (LBLD)